Gnome Nodes NFTs are a collection of 6,666 Unique NFTs. Each NFT provides an equal chance of winning giveaways each week in the form of airdropped node and currency payouts. The Gnome Node NFT collection is on the Avalanche Network (AVAX).

50% of Rewards Compounded

40% of Rewards Given Away

10% of Rewards to Marketing & Team

Launch Date:March 2022

Launch Price:1 Avax per NFT

Gnome Node NFT Purpose

The project was created to help crypto enthusiasts begin their journey to financial freedom by creating additional income. Each Gnome Node NFT provides its owner with lifetime entry to the community weekly giveaways along with voting rights in our developing DAO as to what future projects the community will invest in along with the percentage of rewards that will be reinvested.

Project Mission

Our long-term vision is to create a community where our initial Gnome Node NFT collection creates a lifetime of possible opportunities for its holder to be rewarded and have funds to produce a form of passive income. Our aim is for each Gnome Node NFT holder to eventually win at least one of our giveaways.

Over time the compounding community reward pot will enable us to grow the number of giveaways we offer each week, thus creating more opportunities for NFT holders to take steps towards creating a passive income. Early compounding of the investment profits will enable us to create a long-lasting and innovative fund.


Gnome Node NFT Minting


Once all Gnomes have been minted, the treasury will invest in a combination of defi & node protocols in order to create weekly giveaway reward pots.

Gnome Node NFT Growth Graph


Initially, we will compound 50% of project earnings for the first month of the project, after this stage, we will conduct a community vote for all Gnome NFT holders to decide on the following months reinvestment percentage.

Gnome Node NFT Wallet Giveaway


A weekly giveaway will be held with the prizes coming from the rewards generated by our investments. All NFTs will have an equal chance of winning the giveaway each week and the winner will be picked at random from all NFT holders wallet addresses.

Gnome Node NFT Lifetime


1 Gnome Node NFT  provides its holder with 1 lifetime ticket to the weekly giveaways. As the project progresses the weekly giveaways will increase in value and eventually frequency.

As the reward pool increases our aim is for this to be reflected in the NFTs price on secondary marketplaces.


When is the Official Launch?

The official launch date is March 2022, exact day is to be confirmed. Stay up to date in our Discord and on social media to find out when we launch.

How do I buy a Gnome Node NFT?

You will be able to mint an NFT directly from our website. Join our Discord to learn more information.

How much does a Gnome Node NFT cost?

Mint price will be 1 AVAX. Once all NFTs are minted, funds will be invested and the NFTs themselves can be traded on secondary NFT marketplaces.

How can I join the whitelist?

Whitelist competitions and qualifications are posted in our Discord channel. We offer regular competitions in the lead up to our March launch date. Join us to find out more on how you can become a WL member.

What does a Gnome Node NFT offer me?

With a Gnome Node NFT you get lifetime access to our weekly giveaway for many nodes. Each week we aim to increase reward giveaways and so too should the intrinsic value of your NFT.


How will you choose what projects to invest in?

Verified Gnome Node NFT holders will be able to vote on different proposals such as new node projects to invest in, these will be reviewed by the team prior to confirming action. Other changes just as reward distribution, reward reinvestment and number of reward winners will also be voted upon by our community.


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